The customers we serve embody a true entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering a revolutionary industry and paving the way for a better world through the power of cannabis.

Wurk is the leading payroll and HR partner for cannabis, serving some of the largest cannabis employers in the world, however, we are still tiny compared to what the opportunity is in our near future. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to pioneer economic access, empower life-changing alternative care, and help shape a fair and open industry for millions of people.

  • Work for 4 years -> Get a 1 Month Sabbatical

  • Cell Phone Stipend

  • Company Stock Options

  • Free RTD EcoPass

  • Pooch Friendly Office

Meet some Wurkaholics

  • Corinne

    Manager of Customer Support

  • Keegan

    Founder & CEO

  • Lisa


  • Riley

    Support Team Lead

  • Heather

    Director of Marketing

  • Chris

    Partnership Management

  • Evan

    VP of Sales

  • Jillian

    Account Executive

  • Jennifer

    Product Manager




Denver, CO

Scottsdale, AZ

United States

  • Jillian

    Account Executive

    “ I love serving the Cannabis Industry and community. It's such a fast-paced ever-changing space with a lot of great people. And I love bringing my dog Benny to Wurk everyday. ”

  • Evan

    VP of Sales

    “ My favorite part of Wurk is being part of a team of pioneers in the Cannabis space and taking on all the challenges associated with it. ”